Listen x Magma x Bozar

● Listen x Magma x Bozar
Bozar: Bozar, the Centre for Fine Arts’ cultural project, offers a dynamic and diversified cultural programme of concerts and exhibitions: a multidisciplinary approach in which debates, theatre, cinema, literature and other disciplines meet to reflect on the connections between art and society.

Magma: Magma is a Brussels based collective & record label. Founded in 2021 by Bon Public & Umbra (Sébastien Desprez & Julien Gathy), they have held or programmed more than 30 events in two years (La Cabane, C12, Club Open Air, Circle Park, Kultura in Liège, Face B, See U…) From concerts to club nights or both combined, Magma has a broad musical spectrum. They enjoy digging to find the right musical act for the right venue and the right audience.

● Line-Up

● Tickets
Tickets for this specific event will go on sale on 05.12.2023 through Please note that you will need a specific ticket for each separate event of Listen 2024.

● To Listen is to care for one another
It’s time to be together again! By entering our events, you play an active role in ensuring everyone’s comfort and respect. Remember that looking out for our collective safety is what makes us human.

Discrimination, abuse, and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you or anyone is in distress, help the victim first and send someone to notify one of our staff members.

Music, compassion, and kindness bring us together.

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