MAGMA| Layva Layva vol 1 | Release party• La Vallée

MAGMA x Layva Layva vol 1 // RELEASE PARTY
Magma Records is releasing its first compilation ! Come celebrate the release with us at La Vallée on April 27th, in company of some artists from the compilation and some surprises...

Layva Layva vol.1 combines tracks from young Belgian artists, from electronic music producers to indie music bands : Dijf Sanders, Super Gum, Hun Hun, Slamino, Garance Midi, Bon Public, Umbra, Arno Saari, Früit, Margaux Kintsugi, Ciao Kennedy, Ultramort, Magma Boyz

Layva is a combination between Lay & Lava, it’s basically chill but at the same time we can feel that there’s something burning inside.

Magma records is electronic music oriented and reflects our musical tastes which are on a very broad spectrum. It’s no secret that those last 2 years have influenced a lot of things in our lives.

This first compilation is dedicated to all the time we’ve spent at home listening to music, it is diverse and it takes different directions but we see the point of grouping these to create some sort of a story or a journey

Magma Boyz
Margaux Kintsugi
Ciao Kennedy
Garance Midi