Shanghai Café x Magma | BRIDGE_48 x Sonar Week


Sonar Week is all about connecting with other music enthusiasts and sharing our love for electronic music. That’s why Shanghai Café and Magma are joining forces to present their music to electronic music lovers worldwide. The event will showcase live performances and DJs on Sunday, the 16th of June, at BRIDGE48, in the heart of the booming area of Poble Nou.

Shanghai Café is a rave from Mexico City that blends various scenes and audiences. We stand out for meticulous musical, experiences and artistic curation, designed to provide a chronological experience that both new ravers and the more experienced can fully enjoy.
Each edition of the event takes place in unique locations, transformed through art, production, and designed lighting. We take pride in seeing the integration of diverse communities and profiles, dancing and socializing in harmony.

Founded in 2021 by Bon Public & Umbra, Magma has quickly become a key player in the Brussels music scene, organizing more than 45 eclectic events in 3 years. From concerts to club nights or both combined, Magma puts forward a wide alternative musical spectrum with the ambition to offer a new platform for creative, innovative and eclectic artists. In the Magma room you'll experience the sounds of Azo, Yokocho, Coline Cornélis, and the Magma Boyz (Bon Public & Umbra).