Since 2017, the fusion of these four individuals has been causing a series of explosions, from the North Sea Jazz Festival to the stage of Paradiso, passing through Dour, Pukkelpop, Ancienne Belgique, Eurosonic, and even the legendary Jazz Café in London. The strength of ECHT! lies in the eight hands and four minds that play and think in the same direction. Their instrumental music prefers to raise questions rather than provide answers, inducing trance-like states and delighting in obscuring the tracks. Engulfing the listener in a sonic experience where the identification of individual instruments becomes elusive, each person becomes a cog in the rhythm and melody...

After their pioneering EP "DOUF" in 2019 and a highly acclaimed debut album "INWANE" in 2021, this Brussels-based quartet returns to slap us with the resounding "Sink Along" (SDBan Ultra). Ten fiercely electro, trap, and bass music tracks, entirely performed and shaped through experimentation. The album continues the trajectory set by their "BREWmix" videos, designed as DJ sets, and their live performances, further solidifying ECHT!'s sonic identity, which reveals colorful surprises amidst its darkness.