Brussels' new wave of "avant-rock"), Super Gum is an avant-rock/lo-fi band with thousands of faces.

Super Gum started out more than ten years ago when its members were just out of primary school and used it as their experimental home - today Super Gum has settled on the Brussels underground scene.

Active members of the George Collective, they play in Robbing Millions, Run! Sofa or TUKAN. Sometimes influenced by the Chicago free-jazz/post-rock scene of the Thrill Jockey label (Tortoise, Papa M, Sea & Cake, ...), sometimes by the minimalist arrangements of Duster, or the naive and electronic pop of Nobukazu Takemura (Childisc, Japan), Super Gums’ venues reflect that alternative diversity in spaces such as  Le Lac, Zsenne Art lab, Brasserie Atlas, ...

They are currently in residence at VOLTA where they are working on the production of their next EP, scheduled for autumn 2022.